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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why I do Not Believe in "Party Lines" ( or "Monetizing" My Blog)

You will probably have noticed by now that although I favor liberal websites for news reports and that that is the general drift of my opinions, I will not be a knee-jerk "Party Line" espouser for anybody.

That really got me in trouble not so long ago when I ran into intense antagonism from a number of my YouTube friends when I pointed out that Obama's endlessly repeated statement about "How if You Want to Keep the Insurance You Have, You Can" was a completely wrong footed disaster for the Affordable Health Care to start off on, to say nothing of the miserable website...

I was told over and over again, basically, to shut up, and (lamely) that people who lost their former health care policies ought to be rejoicing because those policies were not good enough anyway.

NOT SO FAST, I reminded them. There is something seriously wrong if you mislead people like that so rigorously and repeatedly and don't even have a staff where maybe somebody whispers into your ear at some point that what you are saying is simply not true.

My cousin's wife in Illinois was one of the first people I heard squawk about the deception, and then I heard more from others.
They felt they had been manipulated by a politician ( again) and were justifiably angry about it.

I want the Obamacare idea to work-- and it seems to be me our President should working his tail off to make sure it does, along with his cronies..

And besides, how could they be so dumb as to put themselves in that position when they knew the whole program was going to be under massive assault ( and lies and distortions) from those against the bill to begin with?

Likewise, although I am very much a Pete Seeger fan for his music, let's call a spade a spade about his rigidly left wing political agenda ( although his stubborness also led to some correct decisions, such as refusing period to accept a tobacco company as a sponsor and thus losing out on a show).

Well, Pete Seeger could take care of himself--which you will notice if you read his testimony before the HUAC-- and even though the Trewana Brawley fiasco was pretty awful, it did not undo years of fighting the good fight...

And so forth with other topics. I may be a little "Gee Whiz" about people like our NYC firefighters, but hell, it is an appropriate response considering what they go through ( likewise my desire to have this City responding to its people at large rather than just large campaign contributors).

Of course, those contributors include the Unions for city employees too, and they have to work for the common good during the DeBlasio administration and not just simply try and grab everything they can in a single minded fashion...I will be watching them, too.

Finally, as I said, I am in nobody's pay and if you see ads somehow with my blog they are not there because I am getting bought by any interest. 

If my opinions offend you sometimes, then I suppose you will just have to get in line with all the other people I have displeased before and will no doubt go on displeasing in the future. 

OH, ANOTHER THING--- I am extremely irked that the "translation gadget" at the beginning of my blog is no longer functioning with no good reason as to why not. I have notified Google about it, but given that they provide this blog site service for free, I doubt they want to spend much on paying attention to complaints about its malfunctions.