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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sex and the SuperBowl- WNYC


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Funny, I would never have thought of this angle, but it is so obvious a topic if you just reflect for a minute

Christie Warns Against Sex Trafficking at Super Bowl

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Gov. Christie highlighted on Wednesday law enforcement’s concerns that the Super Bowl this week could be a draw for pimps who engage in prostitution and human trafficking.

Through several lawyers of security, a bare-bones, warehouse-like space sits at the Meadowlands. It is the secret law enforcement headquarters for this weekend’s Super Bowl. And it is where Christie addressed the media Wednesday to highlight the horrors of human trafficking and prostitution, which are said to spike in areas that host the Super Bowl.

"To anyone engaged in this conduct, or somebody four days out from the Super Bowl who might be contemplating it: Don’t try it," Christie said. He was joined by Cindy McCain, wife of Arizona Sen. John McCain and an anti-trafficking advocate, and former Sen. Jeff Chiesa, a friend of Christie's who has also worked on the issue.
He also took to twitter to reiterate his message in a series of tweets.
Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry, according to state officials. A hotline (855-END-NJ-HT) and web site have been set up in advance of the Super Bowl. Since 2005, 193 cases of human trafficking have been reported to state police.

At Wednesday's event, Christie was flanked by stone-faced state troopers who will be monitoring both the internet and the neighborhoods of northern New Jersey to monitor any such illicit activity in the coming days. He left without taking questions from the press.