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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Peep World

"Adult Entertainment" nestled away near Herald Square.

Let me see if I can find something about remaining peep shows in Manhattan on the internet--well, here's part of a book review, the latest posting I could find

The Only Living Peep-Show Girl in New York 

The Last of the Live Nude Girls
By Sheila McClear

(Soft Skull) The best New York stories admit that New York is sometimes boring. Here you are, in the Greatest City in the World, where every night should be the greatest night in the world, and your life is inundated with the absorbing minutiae that powered Spalding Gray. Where is the danger? The sex? The drugs? Although there's plenty of all three in The Last of the Live Nude Girls, Sheila McClear's artful memoir of late-aughts Manhattan, the moments that shine brightest are the quietest. "The sink in our bathroom was held up with a two-by-four,"McClear writes. Welcome to New York.
That sink may still be there in Gotham City Video, the "profoundly unsexy "Times Square porn emporium where McClear started working as a live nude girl in 2006. She makes it sound logical: after moving because auto-bust Detroit "would continue its death rattle whether I stayed or went," she can't make enough money in legit jobs to pay rent. She turns to stripping, but, as a self-confessed wallflower and late bloomer, finds it too involved. (Of a lap dance, she writes: "[S]hockingly intimate… unremarkable and only vaguely uncomfortable, just like the first time I'd had sex.") The peep booths of Gotham suit her better. There, dancing behind glass, she is exposed but protected, "naked and alone, untouchable, on display like a zoo animal." And she's paying bills.