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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grade Pending

Big flap these days about sanitation ratings for restaurants like this "Grade Pending" one shown here.

Once knew a restaurant inspector whom I will call Roger and his wife Louise. They were very regular regulars at a local pub I visited.

Word was that Roger got his job through Louise's political connections ( she was involved with Democratic party ).

Also met their landlord at same pub. He always sat as far away from them as possible.

They lived in a brownstone apartment that Sam had bought with an inheritance.
He said their apartment was filthy ( umpteen cats among other things) and that they were incredibly demanding tenants.

Their apartment was rent controlled which means that had it for a song and would never move out...and they knew people and all the housing regs --so they were untouchable.

The landlord, Sam, related all this to me with the face of a whipped dog...

That was a Manhattan that USED to be. There are no rent controlled apartments any more and rents everywhere are outrageous and it is easier to evict tenants...except I think Louise's political connections would still stand her in good stead.