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Monday, May 3, 2010

Gramercy Park- Leafy as Hell

Gramercy Park is where Lexington Avenue begins, a couple of blocks south of 23rd Street.

Historically a Private Park, only the buildings around it had keys for the gates. This has probably been challenged in court and it looks to me like nothing has changed though.

On one side of the Park (East) are some townhouses, one of which is where Stanford White used to live and have a private studio. (Think it is one most obscured by trees. This area is so leafy and green, it's sort of a shock to come across it.

Inside the park are of course beautiful plantings and neat sculptures.

On the East Side of the Park is the classic building guarded by knights in armor. Surprisingly, this building was once ( guess in the late 70's) sort of run down but has been refurbished in all its pricey splendor.