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Friday, April 16, 2010

Old and New, Health4U

All around Murray Hill and Kips Bay, and as you move further Westward, you see old buildings being renovated and new ones going up...often shoehorned in on side streets in what used to be against the zoning laws. The result is more and more Midtown congestion and the loss of small shops and even supermarkets...

Noticed, too, something that is rare for Manhattan, at least in Midtown-- a frame house. No plaque or anything so don't know the history of it.

My sister would probably love Health4U. Sure it carries all kinds of items geared for vegetarians and vegans... and of course, organic food.

Friend in California has just notified me that Murray Hill is now the 8th most desirable neighborhood in NYC..most of the best ones are in Brooklyn, apparently. Sounds like a very trendy article he got this from.