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Monday, April 19, 2010

Midtown Peculiarities

Noted a few more points of interest, all of them within a few blocks of each other.. starts with apartment building that is curved to fit around exit ramp of Midtown tunnel..getting reverse angle I almost got run over by frantic drivers racing towards tunnel...

Then there is the little building and courtyard that has a plaque saying it is on the Historic Register, but it doesn't say for what. Suspect a lot of cities have little nooks like this.

Frieze on Daily News building is a little hard to read, says " He Made So Many of Them"--which is a reference to poor people I believe ( "God loves poor people...that is why he made so many of them.") Showing the populist roots of the Daily News, whatever its editorial policy is these days.

Then there is one of those odd midtown penthouses that date from way back.