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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where is Spring?

WELL, we are all still waiting for Spring to show up.

I was watching the Weather Report on TV last night and they were showing how much warmer last March was than this year...last year we almost really didn't have a winter at all, in fact.

This year was closer to normal, and right now it is finally starting to warm up. The days have been off and on sunny and you can see the tulips want to bloom soon...

This has been a time for me to just take care of medical problems--just had a cystoscopy ( read on the internet that it would be horrible but it wasn't) ( I am OK, by the way) and waiting to see a surgeon about a hernia I just developed.

This  just gives me one more chance to wish a Happy Passover and Easter to everyone who is observing them! Let's hope Spring comes in soon, too!