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Monday, August 6, 2012


Hands have fascinated artists as a subject at least since Michelangelo...woman's hand used in ad for salon hand treatment looks bizarre at first glance, doesn't it? It is some treatment probably meant to make hands look younger and increase collagen....noticed that skin on my hands has become thinner as I become older and in fact though this is normal I may ask my doctor if there is something safe I can take to help that ( been reading on internet about all sorts of foods which supposedly help your skin and what creams and lotions work the best.. when it comes to the lotion stuff, they are all geared, however, to women's care of their faces mostly and thus of little interest to me.) ( I just want to protect my face against UV exposure and pollution etc. especially since I have already have had Mohs surgery once --but dermatologist tells me cause of that comes from over exposure to sun in childhood really, too late to do anything about that).