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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Evil Weed....fading out in NYC

Smoker sits on bench reserved for patrons of tavern on Second Avenue....he looks depressed. Being depressed and smoking and drinking have all been shown to be anti-depressant that did not work so well in clinical trials was however marketed as an aid to quitting smoking.

Statistics show that anyone who smokes has good reason to be depressed, what with all the health risks...but the "hit" from the nicotine that goes straight to the brain so fast creates a brain chemistry in about a quarter to a third of smokers that makes it harder and harder for them to give it up the longer they smoke...and more likely to relapse if they try to quit. So you can expect some people are still always going to be hooked no matter how expensive the cigs get or how many more awful TV ads against smoking are aired...

So sad to see the cute and funny little ashtrays on sale in a store window. What can seem like just one of Life's little pleasures is usually so deadly in the long run!