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Friday, January 20, 2012

Madison Avenue in lower East 30's--one carpet store after another

Historically, stores in the same business cluster in same areas in Manhattan ( particularly the Garment District....which used to spill outwards in all directions for blocks and blocks and with little extensions for certainly specialties appearing a long way from the center of the District).

Going back about 40 years, I can remember how there were all these stores on the Bowery which specialized in kitchen fixtures, like sinks....and some in kitchenwares....also was then the home of the old, old Sammy's Bowery Follies, a big barn of a place which tried to carry on traditions that went back to the 1890's ( it was really something of a tourist trap but fascinating).

Today neighborhood down there is pretty much gentrified...would not be surprised if office buildings with carpet showrooms did not some day get turned into condo buildings..but not in this economy.