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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Henry George School of Social Science...121 East 30th Street

Wondered how I had missed this place all the times I have walked this block on East 30th may be a relatively new place.

Based on the ideas of Social Thinker Henry offers courses and seminars, (most of them free it seems if not all of them)-- to "Explain basic economic and social science principles."

Here is a lift from their website about upcoming free forums

Friday Evening Forums

All forums are free and open to the public, and begin at 6:30 pm.

Empty Apartment Buildings in NYC

January 13th, with Mr. Billy Fitzgerald
New Yorkers see them all the time: new apartment buildings, the entrance locked, without a single resident. Why are these buildings empty while apartment rents increase? Join us as we investigate ways to make housing affordable for all.

The Economy on Trial

January 20th, with Dr. Nibaldo Aguilera
The economic elite are indicted as American workers and studnets confront corporate greed and irresponsible governments. Why confront Wall Street? What public spaces should be "occupied"? What is the way forward?

Poverty and Urban Blight

January 27th, with Mr. Joshua Vincent
Overviews from some of America's poorest cities will pinpoint patterns of land ownership as factors in disinvestment and capital flight, Demographic and locational data are synthesized to illustrate where reforms are needed.

Land Value Taxation in the U.S.

February 3rd, with Mr. Andrew Mazzone
Could communities in the United States pay for public services and infrastructure with user fees on natural resources? This simulation of Georgist methods will reveal the value of monopolies of land and other natural opportunities.

Economics of Health Care

February 10th, with Dr. Demetrios Karides
Of the developed countries, the United States spends the highest amount per person on health care, yet has millions of people without medical insurance. Where does this money go? What is the relationship between high cost and high-quality patient care? Dr. Karides will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the American system and suggest ways to get better care at lower cost.