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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little House; former Club Building; Street Sale

Buildings around here come in all kinds of shapes and sizes--some unfortunately cookie-cutter apartment blocks and the like, but a lot of places well worth a second look.

35th Street has a number of small townhouses ( how did they get built that way) which have been renovated in various ways.

One of them ( just to left of one shown) has been flying the United Nations flag and now has a "For Sale" sign on it.

Not sure whether Stanford White building on lower Park Avenue ( not Park Avenue South, this is the lowest part of the "real" Park Avenue)-- it has a big plaque on it...apparently it was a club building for different organization and now is co-ops.

Finally, some woman has all sorts of "stuff" ( don't know what else to call it) out on Third Avenue in the upper 30's...trying to sell off things she no longer wants, I guess. Another woman was just to the North of her.

Always thought you needed a license to block the sidewalk that way but cops probably figure it isn't worth the hassle messing with Murray Hill locals who can have expensive lawyers and be very contentious.