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Sunday, November 15, 2009

November Song- November 15, 2009

We find ourselves at mid-November still enjoying a relatively mild Fall...

Produce markets, basketball players, ornamental kale all over the place, and the last of the flowers in bloom... a rather pleasant late autumn.

Taking a walk around Murray Hill on a nice Sunday like today, it is easy to forget all the world's problems.

Notice, of course, changes everywhere in neighborhood, some which have been there for a while-- like no more Maurice Villency furniture on Madison Avenue ( it is a Roche Bobois outlet now)--which was a fixture for so many years.

The old Roger Williams hotel has been gentrified into "The Roger" with a very swank lobby...

They closed down the Midtown tunnel today with no warning that I can remember and there is an immense traffic jam, which would be even worse if it weren't a Sunday.

Weatherman says real winter is still some time off...let's hope so, and hope nice weather continues. We need the sunshine.