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Friday, March 24, 2017

New Atlas

Germany's DLR has constructed the world's largest artificial Sun. The three-storey "Synlight" electrically-powered sun lamp will be used for various research projects, including developing processes for producing hydrogen fuel using sunlight.  Read more
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German camper specialist Pössl has made the most innovative Citroën SpaceTourer we've seen, and that's a group that includes the recent SpaceTourer 4x4 Ë. Pössl​'s Campster uses its compact, modular design to tackle weekend and everyday adventures.  Read more
The S1000RR is purring pussycat and raging cheetah in one, a magic-trick melding of otherworldly performance and pleasant rideability that defies logic as much as it defies physics. We spent two days in Tasmania with this apex predator of the supersport motorcycle world.   Read more
Motorola has a good thing going with the Moto G series. You'd think its value-focused goal would be more prevalent in the mobile world, but that's the very thing that makes the Moto G5 Plus stand out in a thicket of phones that are most often either expensive beasts or underwhelming cheapies.   Read more
For the 2017 model year, Buick totally reconfigured the big LaCrosse sedan in an effort to differentiate it from the crowd of standard and semi-luxurious sedans on the market. Buick succeeded, taking what used to be just a restyled Impala and making it something unique to the segment.   Read more
IPVanish is the leading VPN service provider on the planet. With their easy-to-use apps and award-winning service, New Atlas subscribers can secure any internet connection in a matter of moments. Don't wait until it's too late to defend your data online!   Read more
Researchers have been able to restore cell function of old mice to that of younger mice. The team says an anti-aging drug could be developed in a few years, and the treatment also shows promise in reversing DNA damage caused by radiation exposure – good news for cancer battlers or space travelers.   Read more
While it seems everyone is jumping on the AI bandwagon, we were wondering just how advanced the technology really is. So we put a question to Igal Raichelgauz, the founder of Cortica, an image-recognition company that relies on AI technology: Why is artificial intelligence still kind of dumb?   Read more
We don't see many tiny houses that can deal with extremes in weather. The Leaf House 3 is one exception, and Transcend Tiny Homes' new Amsterdam 24 is another. The towable dwelling is remarkably lightweight, offers plenty of storage space for its size, and is rated to withstand very high winds.  Read more
Art has always been fundamentally intertwined with technology. New techniques and materials have constantly allowed artists to innovate and create new types of works. In this instalment of our ongoing digital art investigation we examine the weird, boundary-pushing world of internet art.  Read more
Despite outward appearances, plants and animals share surprising similarities in their vascular network structures. So what if there was a way to take advantage of these similarities to grow human cardiac tissue using leaves? The WPU researchers have done just that.   Read more
It's one thing to be handy around the house, but it's another entirely to be handy with the technology in your and your family's life. The most utilitarian iFixit toolkit yet, the Essential Electronics Toolkit is packed with everything you need for the most important electronics repairs, like screen breaks and battery swaps. But that's just the tip of the iceberg - it'll also give you the tools for many household tasks, from doorknob fixes to eyeglass repairs.   Read more
Samsung and Apple both have 9.7-in tablets launching this week. However, the two makers are taking very different approaches to their respective devices: Samsung's Tab S3​ has higher-end specs and features, while Apple's new iPad is relatively entry-level. Let's compare the two.   Read more
​Thanks to research being conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital, men may soon be able to perform fertility tests in their own homes. Researchers are developing a smartphone-based device that can assess sperm concentration and motility based on a semen sample.   Read more
In a particular patch of Brazilian forest, the trademark sound of howler monkeys has been replaced by an eerie silence as the creatures fall prey to an outbreak of yellow fever. While tragic, one researcher says the event could offer valuable insight into simian ecology.   Read more
​If you want GPS-enabled navigation on your motorcycle, you can of course just mount your smartphone on the handlebars. According to Steven Friedlander, however, trying to look at that little screen while riding isn't an ideal setup. His alternative? Gloves that'll show you where to go.   Read more
From staggering landscapes to shots of the night sky, the number of gigapixel images being released is on the rise, including the stunning shot of Dubai you see here. Shot as a promo for Bentley Motors' Flying Spur W12 S, viewers are able to zoom and pan around the image as they please.   Read more
Scientists are reporting a breakthrough in which they have integrated solar cells into a graphene-based electronic skin, raising the possibility of prosthetic limbs that are both sensitive to touch and entirely self-powered.   Read more
Digital assistants seem to be the Next Big Thing at the moment, but they appear to be mainly stuck in the audio realm. Daptly would prefer things to be a bit more visual, so it's introducing the Daptly Display – a gesture-controlled interactive assistant and display screen.   Read more
Whatever your stance on wasted wine, it's difficult to stop dribs and drabs making their way down the outside of a bottle as it is being poured. Now one scientists says he has come up with a superior bottle design that keeps the drips in-house, all thanks to a carefully placed groove.   Read more
If you're a gym junkie – and there are plenty out there – having a wristband or glove capable of accurately tracking your session is invaluable. The latest take on workout tracking from PureCarbon promises live rep counting and weight tracking, thanks to sensors embedded in the palm of a glove.  Read more
The Pentax KP is retro-styled DSLR which boasts modern features such as stratospherically high ISO settings, 5-axis image stabilization and interchangeable grips. We recently went hands-on with the camera at The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK, to see what it can do.  Read more
Samsung's Gear S3 smartwatch comes in ​both "Classic" and "Frontier" varieties. Until now, only the latter has been available in an LTE variant. Today, Samsung announced that US customers will soon have the option of purchasing a Gear S3 Classic with 4G cellular connectivity as well.   Read more
The Rock Band game franchise – where you can live out your dreams of shredding the guitar in front of a packed crowd – has been reimagined for virtual reality. Rock Band VR hits the Oculus Store today.   Read more
​There are times when at-a-glance notifications do more harm than good – driving is one of them. A recently awarded patent suggests that the Apple Watch could eventually prevent this distraction/nuisance by automatically detecting when you're driving and following suit by halting notifications.   Read more
Fitness tracker company Misfit, which was purchased by Fossil in 2015, has announced that its first bona fide smartwatch will run Android Wear 2.0. The Misfit Vapor has a more streamlined form factor than many recent smartwatches, and is poised to fill a fitness-focused niche.   Read more