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Monday, April 17, 2017

New Atlas

The American Institute of Architects has selected the winners of its 2017 Housing Awards. Whether a luxury lake house for the well-heeled or rehabilitative housing for disabled veterans, each project represents the best residential architecture the USA currently has to offer.   Read more
IPVanish recently took first place in the New Atlas comparison review of the best VPNs, and is now offering New Atlas readers 20% off all plans – which works out to just US$5.19/month on the yearly plan. Don't let your ISP sell your browsing history!   Read more
Since launching back in 2012, the Jaguar F-Type has been all about supercharged V6s and V8s, but Jag is about to break with tradition and offer an alternative: a base-level four-cylinder turbo. The new engine drops a few bucks off the price, adds efficiency and still comes in right around 300 hp.   Read more
Lockheed Martin has provided a glimpse of its Sikorsky-Boeing Future Vertical Lift concept. The futuristic helicopter comes in Assault and Attack variants that build on the X2 demonstrator that set an unofficial helicopter speed record in 2010.   Read more
A secret pouch that flew on the 1971 Apollo 15 mission is up for auction as part of a sale of space memorabilia. It was carried to the surface of the Moon unwittingly by Mission Commander David Scott inside his spacesuit's life support pack..   Read more
Evo Yachts gained fame with an expandable deck that provides extra space for fun in the sun. Its original 43-foot yacht was a tough act to follow, but it's risen to the challenge with the WA, which pairs its signature deck with a more open, walkable layout.​  Read more
Nearly two billion people lack access to clean drinking water. To address this problem, researchers from UC Berkeley and MIT have created a solar-powered device that can harvest water from air, even in places like the desert.   Read more
Dodge may be owning headlines with the Demon, but Chevy has a bit of sports car new of its own. It's celebrating 65 years of Corvette with the Carbon 65 Edition. The new Corvette special package brings a host of exterior and interior carbon fiber components for a little extra visual flair.  Read more
​Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk says the company will soon move beyond just electric sedans and SUVs to offer something bigger – much bigger. Musk tweeted Thursday that a Tesla semi truck is just months away and work is ongoing on an electric pickup truck as well.   Read more
A coal-fired steam LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado hit 100 mph (161 km/h) for the first time on a UK track in over 50 years as part of its certification trials to allow it to operate on the British rail network alongside its electric and diesel siblings.  Read more
While the new Gear VR that's launching next week isn't much changed from the 2016 model, there are a few differences – including a new controller. Let's see how the specs and features of the 2017 Gear VR​ compare to those of the Oculus Rift​.  Read more
Get your smartphone out of your hand while driving. Just stop. Come on. There are so many better places to put it while navigating or managing your music, including this easily installed car mount from ARMOR-X that slips right into your car's air vent to be completely accessible. It even rotates 360° so you can orient it in the best way that works for you.  Read more
​​From bacteria to butterflies, creatures have long relied upon the Earth's magnetic field to navigate. Eels are another animal that possess this fascinating ability​, but researchers have discovered that they use the talent in a unique way that lets them travel far with minimal energy.​   Read more