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Monday, April 10, 2017

New Atlas

Take a mini-van and squish it to about a quarter size - that's roughly what you're looking at with the ZEV T3-1 Micro. This quirky, fully-enclosed, electric trike seats three if they're skinny, but we see it being much more of a hit as a cargo carrier.   Read more
IPVanish recently took first place in the New Atlas comparison review of the best VPNs, and is now offering New Atlas readers 20% off all plans – which works out to just US$5.19/month on the yearly plan. Don't let your ISP sell your browsing history!   Read more
For 33 years leaders from both the commercial and governmental sides of space exploration have gathered at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, Colorado to show off their best tech. Here are some some of the highlights of this year's annual Space Symposium.   Read more
Jeep has whipped the covers off the Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk. With the V8 from the Dodge Hellcat crammed into its engine bay, the Trackhawk is the quickest, most powerful four-wheel drive to emerge from the Jeep factory.   Read more
David Brown Automotive has taken up the challenge of creating a more authentic modern Mini and has hit it out of the park. It might be small, but behind that classic silhouette is a reworked version of the original drivetrain and a properly luxurious interior.   Read more
Sufferers of celiac disease have an intolerance to the dietary protein gluten, but what causes the condition isn’t fully understood. Researchers have found that a common virus could set the stage for the disease – and vaccinating against that virus could help prevent it from ever taking hold.   Read more
Rooftop solar panels aren’t exactly subtle. A few months ago, Tesla unveiled a system that built the panels into the roof tiles themselves, but if you’re not looking to retile your entire roof, the company is now offering an after-market solar system designed to blend into an existing roof.  Read more
In the world of haute chronologie, what is simple for a digital watch can be anything but for a mechanical timepiece. The aptly names Hysek Colossal is a giant of a wristwatch that uses an innovative movement to create a 24-hour time readout that's both numeric and displays midnight correctly.   Read more
The weird world under the waves is a perfect place for 360-degree video. Boxfish Research has unveiled a new underwater camera for filmmakers and researchers, designed to shoot in every direction in close to 5K resolution while also recording data on depth, water temperature and camera orientation.   Read more
With several last-generation specs, the 2017 iPad is the latest, but not quite the greatest. However, the device does establish a benchmark for an entry-level tablet experience, and helps define what it means to be an iPad.   Read more
Anti-lock brakes, ESC, and driver airbags are standard on most cars today, but that might not be the case if the S-Class wasn't around. The Mercedes flagship has always been at the vanguard of technology, something set to continue with the semi-autonomous suite in the upcoming S-Class.  Read more
Evolve past flimsy, easily torn standard Lightning cables to a more durable, smarter design with these Toughlink cables. These metal braided MFi-Certified Lightning to USB cables are optimized for data syncing and charging, and boast a rugged aluminum crush-proof plug design that will make them last as long as you've got an iPhone.   Read more
If you're naturally inclined to stay awake into the wee hours and have trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour then your genes may be to blame for your night owl behavior. New research has uncovered a specific gene mutation significantly alters the circadian rhythms of those that carry it.   Read more
​A new study could revolutionize our understanding of how memories form in the brain. The research reveals that short-term memories and long-term memories are formed simultaneously in different parts of the brain, a discovery that challenges our current models of memory formation.   Read more
​Lately it seems like everyone has been discovering new exoplanets. With a citizen science project called Exoplanet Explorers anyone can comb through Kepler Space Telescope data to identify exoplanets – and within just two days, the crowdsourced effort found a system with four super-Earths.  Read more
Rice is the world's third-largest crop after wheat and maize, so the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) is developing new transgenic strains of rice incorporating a gene from the weed thale cress to make them more drought-resistant.  Read more
The social campers over at M2C Innovation are back doing what they do: building modular tents that link up into full-blown campsite communities. The last time we checked in, they were focused on domes, but now they've moved on to Qubes.   Read more
Reebok is using corn for something different – the rubber soles of shoes. The company's Cotton + Corn initiative is focused on making footwear entirely from "things that grow" instead of from non-renewable petroleum by-products, and that can be composted once it's worn out.​   Read more
​​Studying exoplanets is tricky, but by probing their atmospheres scientists can gain valuable insights into their composition. This arm of astronomy took a promising step forward today, with researchers detecting what they say is the first evidence of an atmosphere around an Earth-sized planet. ​   Read more
​Some big names in the footwear realm are exploring the potential of 3D printing to give their shoes an edge. Adidas is one that seems to be pretty much sold on the value of this emerging manufacturing method, and has today revealed the first shoes it will mass-produce using 3D printing. ​   Read more
The landscape orientation of computer monitors is perfect for watching YouTube videos or Netflix movies, but not so good for reading PDF or MS Word documents. Maker Robert Johnson has come up with a mechanism that physically rotates his widescreen monitor from landscape to portrait when needed.​   Read more
Slimbuds promise to do what typical earbuds don't – stay put under any motorcycle, ATV or bicycle helmet, on or off road.   Read more
​The world's largest warship, the future USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78), has begun sea trials off the East Coast of the United States under the supervision of the US Navy and the builders who will conduct the first at-sea tests of the ship's systems, components, and compartments.   Read more
​If you don't like hitting turbulence when you're flying (and who does?), then you're not going to like the conclusions of a study recently conducted at the University of Reading. If its supercomputer simulations are anything to go by, climate change will cause a major increase in severe turbulence.  Read more
The Ottolock bike lock recently raised a few eyebrows, as it looks like a zip-tie on steroids. Hiplok's Z Lok should raise a few more, as it looks like a regular zip-tie – but there's more to it than that.​   Read more
Wallace Detroit Guitars has been making guitars using wood reclaimed from the Motor City for the last few years, and its latest series of handcrafted axes are fashioned from wood salvaged from a former Detroit Fire Department HQ.​ The Firehouse Series is limited to a run of just 12 guitars.  Read more