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Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Atlas

He’s the 94-year-old co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery. She’s a physicist with a less-than-conventional idea of building a better battery. Together, can they develop the technology that will finally deliver us from fossil fuels and kickstart the promised EV revolution?   Read more
You may have heard that the iPhone 7 has a pretty great camera. Well, with a Ztylus Revolver Kit it's a downright extraordinary camera. This CES honoree has artfully combined a durable case and the latest RV-3 4-in-1 Revolver Lens attachment with a redesigned, sharper than ever optical performance. It's four fresh new lenses in one, a case, and a screen protector all at once, making the Revolver Kit ideal for the mobile photographer in all of us.   Read more
Unveiled today in the Geneva, the 2017 Honda Civic R maintains much of the styling of this year's standard version as well as many of the cues from the concept previewed at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.  Read more
McLaren has put the motoring world out of its misery and fully unveiled the 720S and, although the aggressive new styling is likely to set tongues wagging, the real progress hides under the skin. Along with a new chassis, the car debuts a new engine and some seriously clever aerodynamic touches.  Read more
Colorado's Tiny Diamond Homes recently completed a monster of a tiny home – literally. The Purple Monster is easily the biggest towable home we've reported on yet and reaches a length of 38 ft (11 m). This model was recently sold, but another would cost over US$80,000.   Read more
As other brands are trying to appear more luxurious or sportier, Subaru keeps turning out dependable cars for people who want to get where they're going whatever the weather. The new XV sticks to the formula, with chunkier looks and a higher ride than the standard Impreza for extra lifestyle appeal.   Read more
Hyundai Motor has unveiled the FE Fuel Cell Concept at the Geneva Motor Show as its next-generation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai says that the FE Fuel Cell Concept is the next step towards its zero emission Hydrogen Energy Society goal.  Read more
The original Jaguar XKSS is among the most coveted of all automobiles. Now the people who purchased Jaguar's new classic "continuation" XKSS roadsters look set to double their money simply by taking delivery.  Read more
Art has always been fundamentally intertwined with technology. New techniques and materials have constantly allowed artists to innovate and create new types of works. We take a look at the rise and fall of ASCII art, whose roots can be traced back to the text-based artworks of the 19th century.  Read more
Having tabled the idea of a two-seat sports car with the Speed 6 EXP 10 Coupe in 2015, Bentley has dropped the top and slotted a forward-looking electric powertrain under the bonnet. Batteries have never looked so good.   Read more
Mercedes-AMG built its reputation for developing sleek, sexy performance coupes with the SLS AMG and GT lines. Now it's ready to try its hand at developing a four-door, and using the AMG GT Concept on display in Geneva as an indication, it'll have no problem keeping styling taut and sporty.  Read more
Three years ago, Toyota dipped its toes into electric personal mobility with a three-wheeled, tilting two-seater concept called the i-Road. The company has now added extra passenger space and another wheel for a low speed urban runabout it's calling the i-Tril Concept.   Read more
Renault was one of the early players in the electric car game, but it hasn't joined Tesla in harnessing battery power for crazy performance. It might not beat a Model S off the line, but the company's Zoe e-Sport Concept does inject a dose of fun into an otherwise bland line of electric cars.   Read more
Current snake antivenom might not be saving lives as efficiently as it could, given that they’re difficult and expensive to produce, distribute and administer. Now, researchers have developed a synthetic alternative with a long shelf-life that can neutralize venom from several species of snakes.   Read more
A new study by Indiana University researchers has revealed how several compounds, including caffeine, help boost the production of an enzyme that has been shown to protect the brain against several degenerative neurological disorders.   Read more
Barcodes and laser scanners may have made life easier for store cashiers, but Regi-Robo could put them out of a job. In Osaka, Japan, a Lawson convenience store demonstrated a new checkout system that scans groceries, tallies up the bill, and bags the items without human intervention.   Read more
In the middle of the Devonian period, about 385 million years ago, our early ancestors made those crucial first steps out of the water and onto dry land. A new hypothesis suggests that evolving better eyes, not limbs, was the first step towards driving early tetrapods out of ponds in search of food.  Read more
​An automobile tire is composed of about 30 percent carbon black, which adds durability to the rubber. Carbon black is petroleum-based, however, meaning that it isn't entirely eco-friendly. That's why scientists have been experimenting with an alternative – namely egg shells and tomato skins.   Read more
​At last year's Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear unveiled a spherical tire concept known as the Eagle 360. At this year's show, the company has pushed the concept a step further, with the artificial-intelligence-packin' Eagle 360 Urban.   Read more
Drones are poised to make a very positive impact on search and rescue efforts going forward. Looking to make a contribution of its own, Land Rover has teamed up with the British Red Cross for a purpose-built search and rescue drone that launches from the roof of a bespoke Discovery.   Read more
Audi unveiled a new version of its Q8 concept at the Geneva Motor Show, dropping the massive maw of the concept shown in Detroit. Instead, this efficiency-minded sport concept has massive muscle, a 4.7-second 0-100 km/h time, and a hybrid drivetrain.   Read more
Spyker unveiled the topless version of its supercar, the C8 Preliator, at the Geneva Motor Show with a surprise announcement. The small-volume carmaker is dropping the Audi powertrain originally planned for the Preliator in favor of an engine from fellow supercar maker Koenigsegg.   Read more
It's clear that the new Nintendo Switch​​ is a big step forward from the disappointing Wii U. But if you're a Wii U owner who's thinking about an upgrade for you or the kiddos, maybe you're wondering what exactly the differences are.   Read more
MVRDV has a history of designing off-the-wall projects and its recently-unveiled Franklin Mitte proposal definitely follows in that vein. It hopes to turn a former US army barracks in Mannheim, Germany, into a new neighborhood with four letter-shaped towers which spell HOME.   Read more
The Roland Museum is home to many of the company's music gear highlights. But it isn't open to the public, so wandering through the banks of music creation marvels is not an easy thing to do. Until now. You can now take a guided 360° tour in your browser or walk through in Google Street View.   Read more
LG recently unveiled its newest flagship, the G6, at the Mobile World Congress. The OnePlus 3 and 3T are budget-minded 2016 flagships that pack in some premium specs and features. Here's a spec-by-spec look at how they compare.   Read more