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Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Atlas

Plenty of recent research has focused on how your gut bacteria can send messages to your brain controlling appetite but a recent discovery by researchers from the Columbia University Medical Centre has revealed a previously unknown appetite-regulating mechanism that is secreted by bone cells.  Read more
Having whet our appetites with details of a scalding lap of the Nurburgring, Lamborghini has unveiled the Huracan Performante ​at the Geneva Motor Show. It's lighter and more powerful than the base car, but the biggest gains have been made in the dark art of aero.   Read more
After hosting 2016 debuts of supercars like the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera, we thought the Geneva Motor Show might take a quiet step back this year. We were wrong. The odd, the stunningly beautiful, the ridiculously overpowered ... Geneva is once again hosting exotic cars of all kinds.   Read more
Stéphane Malka has unveiled a novel project that involves renovating an aging Paris apartment building by attaching wooden boxes to the facade. The "guerrilla architect" says that the boxes will increase living space for the residents and improve energy-efficiency.   Read more
​Pedal-assist electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and with price tags to suit trendy rich kids and penny-pinchers alike. But many look more like basic electric motorcycles than classic bicycles. The latter aesthetic is what California's Pure Cycles aimed for when designing the Volta.​  Read more
Scientists have analyzed the teeth of Neanderthals found in two European caves, and learned that not only did they chow down on a wide variety of food, but may have even been the first to discover the pain-killing effects of certain plants and molds.  Read more
​One of the weirdest features of the dwarf planet Ceres is a series of bright spots in the center of the large Occator crater. New research suggests the bright material is actually much younger than the rest of the crater and that the central dome could be the result of cryovolcanic activity.   Read more
At a Caliburger restaurant in Pasadena, California, Miso Robotics and Cali Group have taken the wraps off Flippy, a "collaborative kitchen assistant" that uses computer vision and deep learning to take over the job of grilling burger patties.   Read more
Vanda Electrics has delivered on last year's promise, revealing its extraordinary Dendrobium electric supercar in Geneva. And while it’s taken a step back from the space-age concept renders and astronomical performance figures we were given a year ago, it’s still a super-exotic looking machine.   Read more
For its latest supercar, Pininfarina has enlisted Emerson Fittipaldi​, one of the most well-known Formula racers of all time​. In the EF7 Vision Gran Turismo, Fittipaldi has designed his dream track car, and the street-legal EF7 will enter limited production soon.   Read more
Having created the world’s smallest magnet, IBM has managed to store one bit of data in a single atom, in a breakthrough that could lead to storage devices that can hold 1,000 times more data in the same physical space.   Read more
Bell Helicopter has dipped its toes in the concept waters for the first time with the FCX-001​. Unveiled at Heli-Expo 2017, the rotorcraft concept features an airframe crafted from sustainable materials, a hybrid power system, an artificial intelligence co-pilot, and morphing rotor blades.   Read more
The G6 and V20 are the most recent premium flagships from LG. The newer G6 abandoned its previous generation's modular approach in favor of a glassy build and a striking display, while the V20 is a hefty phablet that caters to audiophiles. Here's how they square off.   Read more
Hesketh Motorcycles' third model is the high-end Valiant SC roadster, which owes its name to a legendary high-altitude bomber. It offers an extravagant 210 hp output from its supercharged 2.1 liter V-twin, and a hefty price tag that will appeal to a very eclectic customer base.   Read more
​If an Indiegogo campaign goes as planned, there will soon be yet another folding boat on the market. Already we've got the Oru folding kayak, along with the Onak and MyCanoe folding canoes. The makers of the HYPAR kayak are hoping for similar success, with a boat that sports a unique design.   Read more
An international team of astronomers has detected the dusty remains of some of the earliest stars to shine on the universe. The light from the galaxy, known as A2744_YD4, left its source when the universe was 600 million years old - only four percent its current age.   Read more
Tasked with replacing the Veyron, Bugatti pulled out all the stops and created the Chiron. Not only is it fast the company says it should handle better than its predecessor and, to our eyes, it looks better as well. But it doesn't float. Thankfully, that's where the Bugatti Niniette 66 steps in.   Read more
​The prospect of a manned mission to Mars raises all kinds of uncertainties. In a new NASA-funded study, researchers have found that life on the Red Planet could include a heightened risk of leukemia, brought on by the impacts of increased radiation exposure in deep space.   Read more
A new 2018 Infiniti Q50 sedan was unwrapped at the Geneva Motor show, showcasing a new shift for the luxury automaker. The 2018 Q50 has two body styles, four trim points, and a new suite of driver support tech. These refreshes to the lux sedan are a claimed "glimpse into the future" of Infiniti.   Read more
The last Audi RS 5 was fearsomely fast, but never managed to engage or excite like the BMW M4 and AMG C63, preferring straight lines to sinewy mountain passes. The fresh RS 5 is designed to appeal to the more laid back driver with a new, more clearly defined focus on grand touring.   Read more
While the Nintendo Switch is a successor to the Wii U​, its portable nature also makes it a logical follow-up to the 3DS. We know the Switch is much more powerful, but let's see how it compares to the 3DS XL​ in other ways.   Read more
Photos and videos shot in 360° – interactive media that lets you click around the capture see beyond the frame and into your surroundings – are becoming increasingly popular on Facebook. The new mobile VR app Facebook 360 gives Gear VR users an easy way to immerse themselves in this 360° content.   Read more
​Starting next year, there will an efficient new airliner entering commercial service – the Boeing 737 MAX 9. The first such aircraft was officially debuted this Tuesday, when it was rolled out in front of employees at the Boeing plant in Renton, Washington.   Read more
Ethical hackers are in huge demand in the wake of highly publicized hacks and data breaches in both the private and public sectors. This bootcamp was designed for aspiring information security professionals who wish to take the Certified Ethical Hacker exam and move on to a career as a professional pentester. You'll learn not just everything you need to pass the exam, but also gain an insight into the day to day workflow of an ethical hacker.   Read more