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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New Atlas

​The North American Handmade Bicycle Show has wound up for another year, bringing us a fresh batch of some of the most interesting and exquisite bikes from around the world. We attended the event in Salt Lake City last weekend, and now offer this look at some of our faves from the show.  Read more
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Last October the world's news services were abuzz about Russia's new super weapon, an ICBM called Satan 2. But do these claims hold water, and just how big is the nuclear threat that the world really faces in the 21st century?   Read more
Portuguese startup Ecocubo has developed an eponymous cork tiny house. You probably wouldn't want to live in it permanently as it lacks in space and amenities, but the tiny dwelling looks well-suited for a weekend in the woods.   Read more
Around 717 million years ago, the Earth froze over and became a giant snowball for at least five million years. In a new study, Harvard scientists suggest that the answer to this mystery might lie in the way volcanic eruptions caused the Earth’s temperatures to plummet.​​   Read more
​Traditionally, Australian e-bike builder Stealth has shown little concern for trivialities like power restrictions on electric vehicles. That changes with today's launch of the P-7, Stealth's first foray into the commuter e-bike landscape.   Read more
You can never have enough Lightning cables to keep all of your Apple devices charged, and with these 10-ft, MFi-certified monster cables, you'll have more flexibility than ever. Keep a cable at your office, in your bag, by your bed, or anywhere you might need to grab a quick charge. When it says MFi-certified, you know these cables are guaranteed to work perfectly with your Apple devices.   Read more
Ssangyong isn't high on the list of desirable car brands, but that doesn't mean the minnow isn't trying. Having purged the hideous Rodius, the brand has its sights set on a future led by SUVs. Having tested the waters with the XLV, the design team has pushed the game on further with the XAVL.  Read more
What comes to mind when you think of Tata? For most, the first image to pop up is the faceless Nano microcar, although car nerds will also recognize the Indian giant as the latest owner of Jaguar and Land Rover. You can imagine how surprised we were, then, when Tata unveiled the Racemo in Geneva.  Read more
Back in the day when flannel and grunge were in and the web was new, the Nissan Pathfinder was the 4x4 that many a country boy lusted after. Today, the Pathfinder has grown alongside that original audience, but a new refresh reminds us of those roots.  Read more
​As far as test locations for Mars, you could do worse than Chile's Atacama Desert. NASA researchers have been using the site to test a rover equipped with scientific instruments needed to comb the Red Planet for signs of life, with a view to fine-tuning the tech ahead of future Mars missions. ​  Read more
​The latest in Lenovo's budget Moto G series is launching soon. Is it worth the upgrade over last year's model? Let's compare the features and specs of the Moto G5 Plus​ and Moto G4 Plus​.   Read more
Neil Mendoza's Rock Band is a set of electromechanical instruments that make sounds when genuine rocks are thrown at the them.​ For its first public outing, the machine was set up to play The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" - but maybe Rollin' Stone by Muddy Waters would have been more appropriate.   Read more
A criminal who knew what they were doing was wrong faces harsher penalties than someone who was acting recklessly, but it's hard to know where that line is. In a move that could help clear things up, neuroscientists have found that brain imaging techniques can tell the difference.  Read more
The history of life on Earth is shrouded in shadow, but we're slowly shedding more light on where we came from. Now, newly-discovered fossils of what look like red algae discovered in India, suggest that multicellular life arose several hundred million years earlier than previously believed.   Read more
Researchers at the University of Michigan have provided compelling evidence highlighting how a variety of technologies including smartphones, fitness wearables and automobiles can be hacked using specific acoustic tones.​   Read more
Gasoline-powered stand-up PWCs aren't particularly popular at the moment, thanks to strict emissions and safety regulations. But the team at Free From Factory isn't ready to let the fun die just yet, turning to electric power to create a cleaner, quieter weekend toy.   Read more
Mini drones are notoriously difficult to keep hovering in one place, plus they're not known for shooting great video. Chinese startup Ruiven claims to be out to change that, however, with its new Kudrone. The tiny quadcopter shoots at a maximum resolution of 4K, plus it's equipped with GPS.   Read more
Finding a way to produce hydrogen simply and cleanly would go a long way toward eventual use of the gas as a fuel source. And that's exactly what researchers at the University of Cambridge (UC) have done, adding to a host of other green possibilities that have been proposed for creating the gas.   Read more
Some larger types might opt for a lizard or even a frog, but the great majority of spiders love to eat insects. So much so, that the world's spiders consume somewhere between 400 and 800 million of biomass each year consisting almost entirely of creep crawlies, a new study has shown.   Read more
​Ever since launching the new Africa Twin last year, Honda has unleashed a worldwide promotional offensive, designed to distinguish the touring and off-road attributes its new adventure bike professes. Its latest endeavour included climbing the world’s highest volcano to a record-setting altitude.  Read more
We recently looked at the Nintendo Switch and the family-friendly features of the console, including its parental controls. Here we’ll detail why you should activate those controls if your Switch will be used by younger gamers, and walk you through the process of how to set them up.   Read more
MVRDV recently unveiled Casa Kwantes: a luxury pad with a brick facade facing the street for privacy and a large curved glazed facade facing the courtyard that offers plenty of light. Envisioned as a contemporary take on 1930s modernist design, it also boasts solar power.   Read more
To transcribe a spoken conversation into text, you either have to take impossibly fast notes in real-time, or make a recording for transcription later. The creators of the Titan Note device (currently on Indiegogo) want to make this process easier with voice recognition and 360° recording.   Read more
Few of us these days have the time to break out the teapot and make a proper brew, so we resort to tea bags plonked in a mug of hot water. But who wants to waste energy on dunking when a machine can do it for you? That's precisely what Dorian Damon's Tea Dunker does ... rather loudly.   Read more