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Friday, March 3, 2017

New Atlas

Virgin Galactic has spun off a new company dedicated to launching small satellites. Virgin Orbit​ will join Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company as the third company to fall under the Virgin Group's Galactic Ventures commercial space portfolio.   Read more
Music is better without the wires, and it's best through a crystal clear, Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connection. The FRESHeBUDS Air headphones build upon the power and convenience of the best-selling FRESHeBUDS to deliver incredible sound in a lightweight, weather- and sweat-proof package that is ideal for listening on a jog, on the bus, waiting for an appointment - anything. You can even answer calls and change songs without ever touching your phone.   Read more
15 years in the making, Australia's new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter made its public debut at the 2017 Australian International Air Show and Aerospace & Defence Expo. Enjoy our huge photo gallery from the event as it opens to the public today.   Read more
The OnePlus 3T is one of the best values on the smartphone market today, but Motorola's newly unveiled Moto G5 Plus is a comparable phone that's even easier on the wallet. Here's how the two stack up.   Read more
If waddling about in full leathers isn't your idea of impressing the locals, there are a growing number of alternatives for motorcyclists that put comfort, style and protection in the same package – and Saint Unbreakable denim leads the pack on several fronts.   Read more
The Mercedes E-Class is available in sedan, wagon and coupe form, but well-to-do fans of drop-top motoring were being (tragically) overlooked. Until now, that is, because the Geneva Motor Show will play host to the launch of the E-Class Cabriolet.   Read more
Martin Young of IMS Electronics has launched a hybrid tube amp on Kickstarter that's undoubtedly something of a looker. But the Desktop Valve Amplifier – housed in an enclosure machined from a single block of aluminum, with a viewing window up top – is promised to deliver top notch sonics, too.   Read more
Having teased the concept back in 2012, the engineers in Stuttgart have brought the bootylicious Panamera Sport Turismo to production. With room for four people and their luggage it's eminently practical, but the Porsche genes under the skin should mean it handles too.   Read more
Although it can't magically create a motorsports heritage, Lamborghini says its new cars are razor-edged, not just designed for rich poseurs. The Huracan Performante, which will launch at the Geneva Motor Show, gives credence to that claim with a scalding Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time.   Read more
While there has been some talk of bringing the wooly mammoth back to life, scientists would need to be careful with the genetic material they start with. It turns out that just before they went extinct, the massive herbivores had what researchers are calling a "genomic meltdown."   Read more
With testing underway for the 2017 F1 season, you could be forgiven for forgetting about Roborace. After a ​long gestation period, the as-yet unproven competition has finally revealed the car that teams will be programming, and it looks absolutely wild.  Read more
New research says that the world is rich in a collection of minerals that have arisen exclusively due to human activity, such as those in mine shafts and on shipwrecks. And this could be further evidence that the current period in time should be declared the Age of Man, or the Anthropocene epoch.  Read more
There’s a delicate ecosystem in your gut right now, but a bad burrito can throw it off. Just how pathogens like E. coli take hold isn’t well understood, but researchers have studied how it senses its surroundings and in response, switches its gene expression from “attack mode” to “colonize mode.”   Read more
​After a short, whirlwind courtship, the Nintendo Switch is now in the hands of the public. We still think it’s an exciting piece of hardware, oozing with potential. And now that we’ve had more of a chance to explore its quirks, we’ve found plenty of little touches that we like, and others we don't.   Read more
​Diagnosing a muscular disorder often requires a painful tissue sample biopsy. Researchers have developed a less invasive alternative, using a thin fiber optic probe to quickly scan and measure the health of muscle tissue. For the first time, the team has now tested it on living muscles.   Read more
A new study claims that airlines could significantly reduce their impact on the climate through minor changes to some flight routes. Although the proposed changes would only increase airline operating costs by around 1 percent, their impact on the climate could be reduced by up to 10 percent.   Read more
When considering a virtual reality purchase, is room-scale VR really a major consideration over standing VR? Some recent demos gave us reason to question our previous conclusions.​​   Read more
In recent years we've seen devices such as headbands that are designed to treat migraines. One of the latest such gadgets – which is worn on the arm like a blood pressure cuff – was recently the subject of a promising study.​   Read more
Facebook has steadily incentivized the Rift virtual reality headset since acquiring its maker Oculus in 2014. These efforts are enough to push the Rift ahead of its competition, but can they spur the widespread VR adoption that Facebook envisions?   Read more
While deep-freezing techniques exist to preserve organs for long periods of time, the tissue can get damaged when being reheated, making it an impractical solution for transplants. Researchers at the University of Minnesota believe they've solved this problem thanks to tiny microscopic particles.   Read more
Washing your dog in the bathtub can certainly be a laborious process. Well, Bissell (yep, the vacuum cleaner company) has developed an alternative. Its portable BarkBath system can be used anywhere, and is kind of like a carpet cleaner for your pooch.   Read more
The nearly bezel-free LG G6​ is going to have its most direct rival in the upcoming Galaxy S8. But until that announcement comes, we can see how the G6 compares to Samsung's latest (for now) flagship, the Galaxy S7 edge​.   Read more
Just as some researchers are trying to unlock the secrets of sleep in humans, others are turning their attention to the animal world. Among those is a team at South Africa's Wits University, who have sought answers by using Fitbit-like activity trackers to gauge the sleep quality of wild elephants.   Read more
Scientists in the UK have announced the discovery of the world's oldest fossils to date. This could have important implications for science, not least the way we look for extraterrestrial life. But are they really fossils?   Read more
​​Almost seven years after introducing its clever wooden stove that generates its own power, BioLite has given its low-emission campsite cooker a makeover. The CampStove 2 also runs purely on wood but features an onboard battery to use the power at a later date.   Read more
Renzo Piano, in collaboration with Mark Cavagnero Associates, has unveiled plans for a new mixed-use tower for San Francisco. Assuming it goes ahead, the building will seek LEED Platinum certification, the leading green building standard's highest award.   Read more
NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) Mars orbiter was forced to take evasive action this week. On February 28​, NASA ordered the unmanned spacecraft to fire its main engine, boosting its velocity by 0.4 m/s (1.31 ft/s)​ to prevent a potential collision with the Martian moon Phobos.   Read more
​Earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress, Google announced its intentions to bring Google Assistant to all Android devices with the 6.0 Marshmallow operating system and higher. That rollout begins today.   Read more