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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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LODD: Wis. firefighter dies after shift
Firefighters 'Shake it Off' to help girl find bone marrow match
Ore. firefighters equipped with body armor, helmets
Off-duty firefighter helps subdue Mardi Gras drunk driver: Gino Ascani said he ran toward Neilson Rizzuto's vehicle after he plowed into a crowd of 32 people
Conn. firefighter, state sued in college student's death: Jeffny Pally's parents allege the firefighter who operated the fire vehicle that struck their daughter did so with negligence and carelessness
Oakland fire chief on leave for second time: Chief Teresa Deloach Reed was on leave for the majority of January to help care for a family member
NY 'firefighter to the end' dies at 80
Deputy chief chases thieves who broke into firefighters' cars
Firefighters lend helping hand after brother's home catches fire
Off-duty firefighter helps save man's life
Vandals tamper with 8 fire hydrants, release 600K gallons of water
Firefighting a family affair for father-daughter duo
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6 tactical tips for rapid rescues at an apartment complex
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Reaching and rescuing victims at multi-story, multi-family buildings presents a distinct set of risks and challenges; here’s a look at how to overcome the greatest threats.
Getting lines in place 
What the fire engine's pressure gauge is telling you
By Frank R. Myers, FR1 Contributor
Here's how to teach new engine operators how to adjust for the normal intake pressure drop and keep their lines supplied.
Know your limits 
Firefighting videos of February
The top videos included some helpful extrication tips and a day in the life of a firefighter.
Watch the videos 
Calif. firefighters rescue cyclist trapped under truck
10 things you shouldn't do during the hiring process
9339 thoughts every firefighter has en route to a fire
737NY 'firefighter to the end' dies at 80
372What TV firefighter personality are you?
325Firefighter face, eye protection advances stalled
318LODD: Wis. volunteer firefighter dies after shift
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