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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


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Study: Women less likely to ride in driverless ambulances
U.S. Navy reservists, EMS practice trauma assessment and care
Fire dept. debuts ATV ambulance for isolated, crowded calls
Bill to add responders to hate crimes law sent to Ky. governor: The measure would make police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel a protected class under the hate crimes law
Flight paramedic returns to duty after losing leg in crash: Jason Buck was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash July 2015
Poll: EMS managers divided on who should pay for continuing education:About half of NEMSMA members report providing and paying for the 60 hours of continuing education for NREMT National Continued Competency Program
Off-duty flight paramedic helps save bus driver's life
Boston Medical Center receives $25M to help combat opioid epidemic
College student, EMT saves swimmer during triathlon
Paramedic on overdose calls: 'It can be very stressful'
Surgeons share trauma care lessons from Orlando shooting
Woman demanded heroin, meth before giving birth in ambulance
Bystander CPR: A Key Link in the Chain of Survival
One component of the cardiac chain of survival, bystander CPR, appears to play a major role in the increase of survival to discharge rates in cardiac arrest.
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Re-inventing EMS with a BLS intercept
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
EMS doesn't have an actual paramedic shortage; instead, EMS has a shortage of paramedics willing to work for low wages in terrible working conditions.
Making it work 
How I found a way out and back to what I love as a paramedic
By Michael C. Julian, EMS1 Contributor
The problem wasn't being a paramedic, but how I was handling the job and the stress that came with it.
Do what you love 
Innovation Zone - Belluscura Evacuation Slyde
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Epinephrine Auto-InjectorAvailable in either an adult or child dose, 2 per pack.
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What does DCAP-BTLS stand for?
By Sarah Calams, EMS1 Associate Editor
Memorization of acronyms does not necessarily translate to understanding; here's a breakdown of what DCAP-BTLS means.
Don't just memorize 
How to reduce ambulance collision death and injury
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
Operations policies, driver and occupant training and behavior change come before and during the implementation of new ambulance safety innovations.
Free behavior changes 
Mechanisms of injury
Chief Rob Wylie discusses how mechanisms of injury can affect patient care.
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Virtual reality to prepare paramedics for violent patient encounters
How to use the 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook
1,300Re-inventing EMS with a BLS intercept
401What happens when the calls finally catch up to you?
269Fire dept. debuts ATV ambulance for isolated, crowded calls
103Protocols sideline DUI blood draws by paramedics
100Remember 2 Things: More tourniquet application tips for EMTs and paramedics
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