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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Atlas

Who owns the Moon? Well, technically no one, but interesting times lie ahead in terms of potential commercial and private property claims to the lunar surface after revelations President Trump and his administration is investigating, "the large-scale economic development of space."   Read more
IPVanish is the leading VPN service provider on the planet. With their easy-to-use apps and award-winning service, New Atlas subscribers can secure any internet connection in a matter of moments. Don't wait until it's too late to defend your data online!   Read more
​​An international team of astronomers has released an enormous dataset detailing the characteristics of over 1,600 "neighborhood" stars, in an effort to involve the public in the ongoing effort to discover nearby exoplanets.   Read more
Ettore Bugatti set world speed records for cars, boats, trains and airplanes and his Type 35 became the most successful racing car ever. His cars have long since regained their former glory on the auction block, but the hitherto unacclaimed "Baby" is performing beyond expectations.   Read more
It’s easier than ever for long-distance couples to stay connected, but if Skype calls and texting aren’t quite enough, the Flex-N-Feel glove, developed by researchers at Simon Fraser University, can help transmit the touch of a hand.   Read more
Bomb disposal robots are good in dangerous situations on land, but what if a would-be bomber hides their explosives under a bridge or a ship? In the future the US Navy might send in a submarine drone endowed with a pair of inflatable robot arms that are currently being developed by RE2 Robotics.   Read more
Graphene spends most of its time in a 2D form, but now a team at Rice University have used carbon nanotubes to reinforce graphene foam. The resulting 3D material can be molded into any shape, supports 3,000 times its own weight before springing back to its original height.   Read more
James Bond's gadgets may seem far-fetched, but they do have a basis in fact. C & T Auctioneers is running an online auction that includes a collection of authentic "Q" gadgets from WWII and beyond that were used by spies behind enemy lines and to help Allied POWs escape and evade capture.   Read more
Google is rebooting Android Wear, and has some new flagship hardware to herald the new beginning for its smartwatch software. Let's see how the new LG Watch Sport compares to the aging Huawei Watch.  Read more
​Although we may hear a lot about the promise of flexible electronics, there's at least one challenge that still has to be overcome – heat dissipation. It was with this in mind that scientists at Carnegie Mellon University created a highly thermally-conductive rubber, known as "thubber."  Read more
Adobe has been the leader in photography and graphic design software for many years. For photo editing, Photoshop is undoubtedly the software choice of professionals. But there are several alternatives for hobby photographers and prosumers that want similar functions without breaking the bank.  Read more
​You may not think of a wedding cake as being the type of thing that gets vandalized, but that's what happened to a replica of the cake that was presented to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 1947. Now, thanks to 3D scanning technology, a super-accurate copy of that replica is being recreated.  Read more
Pininfarina is one of the best-known design houses in the car world, but the legendary Italian brand is more than just a stylist for other companies. Its latest project is a collaboration with Emerson Fittipaldi – and based on the latest teaser, it's going to be good.   Read more
Dubai ain't a bad place to see advanced technologies in action. In the latest example of the city's early-adoption mindset, the local transport authority has revealed that it has been testing Ehang's personal taxi drone, with plans to launch operations this July.  Read more
The race to get autonomous cars ready is hotting up, and Ford is pushing to stay at the front of the pack. Having promised autonomous ride-sharing cars by 2021, the brand has announced an investment in an AI startup in the hope of developing a "virtual driver" for self-driving cars.   Read more
Last November, Intel famously broke its own record for most drones flying in formation, by setting 500 of the things in coordinated flight at once. Now, the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has set the new high mark, by putting 1,000 quadcopters in the air together.  Read more
When it came time for Mercedes to create its latest Maybach model, it had a few options. Having transformed the S600 and S650 Cabriolet, it would have made sense to move onto the S-Class Coupe, but sometimes the world doesn't make sense. Need proof? Just take one look at the Maybach G650 Landaulet.   Read more
Scientists have unearthed what could be a useful weapon on one of the key frontiers in the fight against superbugs, discovering an extract from the Brazilian peppertree that can neutralize a dangerous antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria.   Read more
​Love and technology? Anybody who has considered using a dating app knows the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Here are some surprising ways to put tech to work for your love life this Valentine’s Day, for both the single and the attached.   Read more
Aliaksei Zholner has crafted a functioning pipe organ made from paper, which gets its air supply from a balloon attached to its side.​ When a key is pressed the valve is released and the air shoots up the tuned pipe to sound the musical note.   Read more
BMW Australia CEO Mark Werner has some thoughts on BMW's future in a self-driving world​, and a strong message to send to the government on its lack of support for hybrid and electric low-emission vehicles.  Read more
Spending time on public WiFi at hotels, coffee shops, or other places can be very dangerous and leave your personal information open to infiltration by hackers. Keezel is the portable internet encryption device that protects your sensitive information against identity, credit card, or password theft with just one click. No matter where on earth you are, Keezel will secure the connection you're on, giving you the same secure internet access on the road as you get at home.   Read more