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Saturday, February 25, 2017


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EMT wrests knife from stabbing suspect before aiding victim
DC officials: New ambulance system improving response times
Listen: Paramedic's song sheds light on PTSD struggles
Probe: Paramedic committed 'gross failure' in 5-year-old’s death: An inquest concluded that had the paramedic defibrillated the girl, she may have survived
Ambulance transporting patient skids, veers into ditch: The ambulance was in the process of passing a semi-truck when a gust of wind caused the ambulance to overcorrect
Paramedic accuses ambulance service of not paying overtime: Feras Awwad said he was not paid time and one-half for the overtime hours he worked
NJ firefighter-EMT dies unexpectedly
Off-duty paramedic helps save brother's leg after crash
DC mayor wants insurance companies to pay for ambulance services
Hawaii council OK's city-wide AED mandate
EMS providers to receive mental health first aid training
Ambulance service, county near settlement in monopoly lawsuit
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Crush syndrome assessment, treatment for EMS providers
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
Types of crush syndrome, including traumatic asphyxiation and suspension trauma, described by Bryan Bledsoe in EMS Today presentation.
Top takeaways 
Answering the call: A paramedic's 10 days at Standing Rock
By Ann Marie Farina, EMS1 Columnist
Providing care on the snow covered prairie reconnected me with my paramedic roots and reminds me there are many ways for paramedics to be caregivers.
7 native values 
How to develop confident EMS volunteers
By Nancy Magee, EMS1 Columnist
SWOT analysis gives volunteers the opportunity to participate in the development of an action plan for training, increased competence and success.
Investing in success 
Improve EMS performance like a champion
By Mike Taigman & Tony Sorensen, EMS1 Columnists
Learn how one EMS agency improved EMS provider performance with an Olympic-themed competition.
Olympic inspiration 
How AMR's medical team will help NASCAR drivers
Our co-hosts discuss the enhancement of on-track incident response through a new partnership between AMR and NASCAR.
Listen to the podcast 
Quiz: 3 things to know about capnography and advanced airways
EMS, fire, police practice rescue task force
40230-minute on-site CPR new protocol
354Amazon's 'Alexa' able to give CPR instructions
279Ky. EMS honors troops with ambulance deco
224Tension Pneumothorax: Identification and treatment
2096 important PPE items paramedics should be wearing, but aren't
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