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Saturday, February 18, 2017


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NY paramedic, 37, dies unexpectedly
Texas paramedic recounts aiding Iraqi special ops battling ISIS
Police: EMS provider fell asleep before fatal ambulance crash
Ga. firefighter-paramedic shot 14 times returns to duty: Eddie Baker spent two years in rehab and had to learn how to walk again
Paramedic 'selfie wars' victim speaks out: Pamela Burman is one of 41 people who authorities say were photographed or videotaped by paramedics while they were unconscious or sedated
Ky. EMT shoots pit bull attacking teen: EMTs were treating a 16-year-old when the dog began to charge at them; an EMT shot the dog and killed it
Texas EMS carrying blood on ambulance save a life
Conn. hospital shuts down fire, EMS services
Study: Placebo, Valium are equally effective in treating back pain in the ER
Indianapolis EMS marks 4-year anniversary of fallen colleagues
Man sentenced 20 years for assaulting paramedic
Baby delivered in NH ambulance during snowstorm
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Working toward justice for all EMS workers
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
It's time for EMS providers to advocate for their rights to equitable wages and a safer workplace.
A start toward equity 
EMS uniforms: Does color matter?
By EMS1 Staff
A majority of readers are most concerned about the color of their uniforms in regard to setting them apart from police officers.
What do you think? 
Virtual reality technology used to teach MCI scene command
By Eli Yaffe, EMS1 Contributor
Israel's national EMS organization uses virtual reality technologies to simulate MCI scenes and train any member to become a scene commander.
Practical training 
10 things paramedic students need to know about new NREMT exam
By Bob Sullivan, EMS1 Columnist
NREMT Paramedic Psychomotor Exam scenario station is uncharted territory for paramedic students and educators; here is what to expect on testing day and how to pass.
How to prep 
Why EMS providers should treat children as adults
Our co-hosts talk with Dr. Peter Antevy about why there is trepidation in dealing with pediatric patients.
Listen to the podcast 
Quiz: Test your knowledge of shock pathophysiology
#ambucover Artist in the Ambulance (Thrice) in an ambulance ukulele
951Ga. firefighter-paramedic shot 14 times returns to duty
386Bill to make interfering with firefighters on EMS calls a crime
274Police: EMS provider fell asleep before fatal ambulance crash
165Getting knocked down isn't the badge of honor, getting up is
144A salty tale: What EMS personnel need to know about electrolyte disorders