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Monday, December 28, 2015

Gizmodo Australia

What Are The Rules About Operating A Drone In Australia? 

Scored a drone/quadcopter/flying camera rig for Christmas? Good on you! Now how do you go about flying the damn thing without falling foul of Australia’s flight feds at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority? Here are the rules.

Open Channel: What Cool Tech Did You Get For Christmas? 

The holidays are now over! Now that the chaos of the Christmas (and other) holidays are now over and done with, it’s take to take an inventory.

Jetpack Joyride: The Aussie Cowboys Making The Water Jetpack World Safer 

You could be forgiven for thinking that two Aussie blokes in a Western Sydney field don’t really care about how safe a water jetpack is, just how high and fast it goes, right? Wrong. Situated in the most unassuming of places are Australia’s foremost experts on water jetpacks, and they’re flying around the clock to keep the world safe. As you’ll see in this test drive video, I came out in one piece. Mostly.

The Best Programming Games Of 2015 

2015 saw an increase in games controlled purely by programming. A lot of these have the goal of actually teaching you parts of a language, terminal commands, or at least try to get your brain thinking in those logical ways. Here are some of the best.

A Breathtaking View Of The World's Oldest River System 

West Virginia is probably best known for coal mines, followed closely by pepperoni rolls. You know aspect of the state doesn’t get nearly enough attention? Its absolutely breathtaking scenery.

9 Google Now Voice Commands To Take Control Of Your Smartphone 

Google Now is partly a portal to the main Google search engine, so you can ask the digital assistant anything that you would query Google for: the height of the Eiffel Tower, what six inches is in centimeters or even what’s on your agenda. But the app also integrates with specific features on your phone — here are 9 commands you can use with your mobile.

Set Up Multiple Netflix User Accounts For All Of Your Moods 

Netflix lets you set up a maximum of five different logins on your account, and this typically lets you grant access to someone else in the family or means you can keep the kids’ viewing history (and recommendations) separate from your own. However, even if you’re the only person who uses your Netflix account, these extra user logins can still come in handy.

Skarping: The Sport America Deserves 

Combining cross-disciplinary skills from a diverse array of sports — water skiing, basketball and butterfly catching — skarping doesn’t just look like a lot of fun, it helps the environment too. The Asian Carp is an invasive species injuring boatmen across the American midwest.

The Best All-Purpose Hiking Boots For Women 

Time to hit the trail? I’m a field geologist, so that’s my job. I wanted to find the best hiking boots for general outdoors activities, so spent months testing these at work. And I think we found a winner.

Kayaking From Cuba To Florida With Gizmodo 

A couple months ago a friend of mine approached me with something that sounded insane. Did I want to kayak from Cuba to Florida? I hadn’t paddled in a year, it was just a month away, and I’d just broken a rib. It was almost certainly a very, very stupid idea. So I said yes.

Indoor Skydiving With iFly Downunder 

For those who wish they could fly yet think that throwing oneself out of a perfectly good airplane is just crazy, indoor skydiving is all the thrill with none of the danger. We tried it out for ourselves, as well as taking a behind the scenes look at how the facility works. 

These Are The Science Books We Loved Most In 2015  

Looking for a good holiday read? There was no shortage of excellent popular science books this year, from memoir, alternate science histories, and the poisons of Agatha Christie, to deep dives into string theory, quantum biology, and the mystery of life. These are our most-loved popular science books from 2015.
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